The Furst Class Difference

At Furst Class our biggest focal point is community. Our goal is to reach points of our community in all its forms, through farmers markets, restaurants, customizable delivery options for individuals, and donations. We want to provide access to gourmet mushrooms to our ENTIRE community; whether that be someone who could buy our whole supply of mushrooms, or someone who has never been given the opportunity to try something so “gourmet.” We want our mushrooms to be accessible to everybody without limitation. Our goal is not to make the most money in the mushroom game; rather, we aim to bring the most spores to the most tables in our community, no matter what it takes to get them there! That is the Furst Class Difference.

Individual Approach

Furst Class Fungi

Furst Class Fungi is a Denver-based mushroom farm aiming to educate and connect their community through mycelium. Their goal is to tap into the local scene of restaurants, farmers markets, and individual clients looking to step up their mushroom game.


What Our Customers Say

Top quality mushrooms. Only has a four or so varieties right now but said he plans on having more in the future! Shitake, lions mane, king oysters, and blue oyster. Some medicinal (reishi) as well as more gourmets 🤤. Seriously, it’s so hard to get trumpet mushrooms (king oysters) at the farmers market because they always sell out early. I’m pumped to see high quality mushrooms in the Denver area. Good price too!

Eli T.

INCREDIBLE mushrooms and INCREDIBLE owners. So much care and love goes into their product. And you can tell, every variety is Absolutely delicious. Don’t hesitate to snag some of these yummy mushrooms.

Emmy J.

Tried their king trumpet mushrooms on the grill per their recommendation. AMAZING! They take their time to explain the best ways to use their product and it’s so fun to try some different mushroom varieties!

Meredith W.